Stone Age Week!

We have a had great fun learning about the Stone Age this week in Reception! We started the week by sorting out items that belonged in the Stone Age like caves, woolly mammoths and stone jewellery and items that we have today like houses, McDonalds and cereal.

We made our own Stone Age jewellery by carefully rolling the dough into balls and poking holes through. We then painted the beads to make wonderful necklaces.

Today, we made our own cave paintings, just like Cave Baby did in his story!

We then helped Mr Hatfield was his Wooly Mammoth who was very dirty!

Thank you to everyone who came in such wonderful costumes, everyone looked wonderful! Well done to all of the children who have worked so hard this week learning lots of new information about the Stone Age, what. Lovely week!

Stone Age day

What a fantastic time we have had this week learning all about the Stone Age!

We read the story ‘Cave Baby’ and enjoyed recreating the cave paintings using sticks, stones and leaves. We looked at different pictures from the Stone Age and put them in order and we made our own beads using salt dough to make necklaces.