Children in Need!

We had a great day raising money for Children in Need and getting active! Thank you so much to all of our families who supported us again with this, we really appreciate your support!


We had to think really carefully and work as a team this afternoon to move the hoop around the circle without letting go of each other’s hands. Fantastic teamwork Reception A!

Anti-Bullying Week

RC were inspired by reading our No-Outsiders book and wanted to make our own Red Rocket and Rainbow Jelly story.

The children thought carefully about what they like and understood that not everybody likes the same things. Even though we like different things, we can still be friends!


As part of anti bullying week we have been celebrating that we are all different. Today, during our Maths lesson, we have been measuring our height and recording it on our class height chart. It was great fun!

Come and take a look and we can measure you!