Robin Hood Rainbows!

Mrs O’Connor and her children have been experimenting with making rainbows!
How could you make a rainbow?
I’ve been seeing lots of wonderful rainbow paintings and drawings on the windows as I’ve been on my walk, I wonder if you could make one and put it in your window?
Don’t forget to use Tapestry to show us your wonderful learning!

Let’s learn our Tricky Words!

In Reception, we’ve been working really hard on learning our tricky words – these are words that we can’t blend or sound out. Remember, you can’t Fred a Red! (You can’t Fred Talk a Red Tricky word!)
In class, we have enjoyed writing these words on whiteboards, in paint and in salt using our finger, how can you think of writing them?
Please continue to learn to read and write these tricky words – we can’t wait to see your wonderful learning!


We were very lucky today and the chicks come to visit us in RC! They were born in Nursery and the nursery children have been looking after them for the last two weeks. We were very gentle giving them a stoke and we found it very funny when the chicks flapped their wings!

We were very gentle giving them a stroke
Look at the chick!

Fun in Drama!

We’ve been having lots of fun in our Drama lessons with Mrs Deeks. We start with some warm ups to warm up our bodies and our voices – you see us enjoying the ‘Freddie the Fly’ warm up below!

We have also been busy acting out our morning routines and working with a partner to mirror the actions. This is very tricky and requires lots of eye contact and concentration- well done!

Building Bridges!

We’ve been working incredibly hard to use the play dough and pieces of dried pasta to build bridges for our cars – we have had to think carefully at how we could balance the play dough and make it strong it enough to hold the weight of the cars.

I was very impressed with the creativity and the critical thinking behind these bridges! Well done Reception!