Positional Language Fun!

Good Morning Reception,

I hope you are all having lots of fun at home!

As well as completing your two challenges for this week, I thought you might like to have a go at a fun game! Have a look at the picture below for a fun positional language game.

Please watch this great video all about positional language in case you’re not sure quite sure about positional language. Our great teachers from Robin Hood MAT have made this video for us.

Can you make an obstacle course?

I wonder if you could make a fun obstacle course? How many seconds does it take for you to complete it? What about your sister or brother? What about Mummy or Daddy?
I can’t wait to see your fantastic obstacle course – please share your photos and videos with us on Tapestry.
This challenge comes from White Rose Maths – click on the photo below to go to their website for more fun maths ideas!
Miss Cook