Life Caravan RB

We had a lovely time learning about the importance of keeping healthy by washing, brushing our teeth, eating healthy foods, getting lots of sleep and how to make ourselves happy if we feel sad.

Amazing Science

We had a fantastic time exploring how to melt ice today as part of Science week. First we predicted which method would melt the ice the quickest, then we explored the ice together. Finally we recorded our findings.

Ice experiment

As part of Science Week we have investigated which method is the best for making ice melt. We found that using the plastic hammer broke up the ice but it was the salt which made it melt the quickest. Can you remember what the ice felt like? What else would make ice melt quickly?

We talked about how the ice caps are melting due to global warming and how using our cars less would help our planet.

Fun in Drama!

We’ve been having lots of fun in our Drama lessons with Mrs Deeks. We start with some warm ups to warm up our bodies and our voices – you see us enjoying the ‘Freddie the Fly’ warm up below!

We have also been busy acting out our morning routines and working with a partner to mirror the actions. This is very tricky and requires lots of eye contact and concentration- well done!

Building Bridges!

We’ve been working incredibly hard to use the play dough and pieces of dried pasta to build bridges for our cars – we have had to think carefully at how we could balance the play dough and make it strong it enough to hold the weight of the cars.

I was very impressed with the creativity and the critical thinking behind these bridges! Well done Reception!